We have places for up to 36 children aged 0 to 5 years, cared for in two large, spacious and light play rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs, both with views over our lovely big garden. We also have a separate sleep room, a cloakroom area, two nappy changing /toilet areas and areas for the children to eat. We have onsite kitchen facilities and in accordance with best practice nutritional guidelines we provide nourishing, healthy balanced snacks and meals for the children prepared with care by our own offsite chef.


Our garden area

All of our children are encouraged to have lots of outdoor time in our exciting garden space. Children visit here to engage with learning in the outdoors and enjoy inspirational, stimulating, hands on outdoor learning experiences. We are currently pursuing council planning and building permissions to add double doors to our downstairs room to ensure children have free flow access to the garden throughout the day.

We have several distinct garden areas. We have a growing and planting area where we support the children to grow a variety of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, leeks and peas, as well as flowers such as sunflowers. This is an important way for our children to learn how to look after living things. There is also a mud kitchen equipped with a variety of mixing bowls, pots, pans and kitchen utensils. This is where our children can use organic materials like soil, leaves, twigs, sticks, wooden log slices and other generic materials termed ‘loose parts’, to participate in rich, engaging sensory play, allowing them to express their own creativity whilst developing their fine motor skills. We also plan to develop a digging pit where the children will be provided with an array of digging and garden tools to get creative in the soil. We have an interactive water wall with pipes, tubes, containers and funnels etc. where the children can play and experiment with water.


Our garden also has a grassed area, a wood chip area and several paths, providing space for energetic play and games, and also providing areas which the children can explore easily and safely using the ride-on tricycles and little vehicles provided by the nursery. This area also contains a large climbing frame with a raised platform, a little house area, a slide and swings, for energetic and imaginative play. At the rear of the garden there is a wooded area with trees, a little house, and a den making area with various materials available for the children.


As well as having use of the nursery garden every day for outdoor play and experiences, we also regularly take the children on outdoor trips in the local area, particularly woodland and forest walks. The nursery currently has permission to use the woodland area adjacent to the fire station and to put in a gate to access this area, and we plan to set up an outdoor classroom here for regular use by the children.

Our upstairs room for children aged 0 to 3 years

This room consists of a spacious playroom which is safe, clean, calm, and comfortable with space for up to 12 children. This room offers a variety of stimulating sensory and age appropriate experiences for our babies and younger children, including sand and water experiences, play dough, heuristic play, a home treasure basket, loose parts, gluing, mark making and painting, a small cosy story area, a construction area, small world experiences and a home corner/themed area.  The room has a thoughtful arrangement of space and furniture to allow the children control over what they do and how they play, with resources arranged so that they can see and make choices for themselves.  The room provides natural resources which help to stimulate all of the children’s senses, as well as resources for pretend play, and exploration of paint, sand and water.


Our babies and very youngest children are offered frequent opportunities to listen to and join in with music, songs, and dance. We read stories and practice rhymes. We provide sensory and tactile experiences with natural objects to touch, listen to, taste and smell. We encourage playing enquiry games. Our youngest children are also afforded regular out of doors time in our garden areas.


 The older toddlers in this room are offered a variety of experiences to help them try new skills and to test and challenge themselves. Experiences on offer allow the children to find out how things work, take things apart and put them together again, and we provide a range of boxes, bags, trays, and containers so that objects can be put in, taken out, collected together, transported from one place to another, sorted and emptied. We promote fun with words, songs and rhymes in a small group and children have access to a wide range of books and stories.


In this room we also encourage an interest in early writing skills and opportunities to mark-make in real life contexts with mark-making tools, paint, pens, pencils, crayons and brushes. We also develop numeracy skills in play situations, learn number rhymes, and promote a growing awareness of early mathematical concepts such as heavy/light, big/small. We encourage the children to express their feelings through music and dance, and encourage creativity through making models, learning to stick using paper, textiles, boxes, tubes, glue, sticking tape, and fasteners, free painting and using play dough and clay. Children also have regular and frequent access to our garden areas.


We also have a nappy changing area, potties and a toilet, and a separate sleep room. Downstairs plans are in hand to have a comfortable parents room which can be used for breastfeeding if required.

The ratio of staff to children in this room is a mix of 1:3 for children under 2 and 1:5 for 2 to 3 years old.  Planning of the children’s experiences is guided by the Pre-birth to Three curriculum as well as the Curriculum for Excellence for the oldest children.

Our downstairs room for children aged 3 to 5 years

Our 3 to 5 years room is located downstairs and can accommodate up to 24 children.  It is a spacious, bright, inviting room with large windows to the garden allowing lots of natural light, and has been set up with a variety of stimulating spaces and resources for the children. It is rich with opportunities for our oldest children to explore their own ideas, create, imagine, play, discuss, share, listen and talk.

We follow the Curriculum for Excellence in this room, which is the same curriculum your child will be taught under when they go to school. Experiences and outcomes are planned with children’s interests and learning needs in mind, and children are able to explore a variety of contexts and experiences through play, managing their own risk supported by our dedicated staff team in a safe environment.

We offer experiences which encourage children to share their thinking, talk about their interests and help them imagine their theories. We encourage children to listen carefully to each other and give space and time to allow others to talk.  We encourage children to use their imagination in role play, making models, painting and drawing.

We have a large crafts and painting space where the children can choose their own resources for making and modelling, and mix their own paints. There is a large construction area with a number of small and large ‘loose parts’, which encourage the children to make their own choices and use these imaginatively to explore construction in creative ways. Loose parts include a mix of small and large, organic and man-made materials such as twigs, shells, pine cones, wood slices, pegs, wooden curtain rings, and wooden bobbins. We also have a home corner which has a variety of utensils and small loose parts which the children can use in imaginative role play. There is a music area with a selection of musical instruments for the children’s use, as well as sand, water and play dough experience areas.

In our preschool literacy area children have access to resources such as pencils, pens, felt-tip pens, crayons and markers, a selection of paper and card organised in different sizes, shapes and colours, stickers, rulers, envelopes, booklets and notepads. They are encouraged to explore mark making, letters, and words. Children are encouraged to label their own pictures, write during shop or home play, write cards, letters, and labels for resources.  We also encourage children to play with rhyme and rhythm, and have fun with songs and rhyming words. The playroom is also rich in environmental print with labels recognisable to children.

Preschool also has a cosy story area with an array of favourite books, both fiction and non-fiction. We provide opportunities for small groups of children to listen to a story together, where they can see the illustrations in a book, ask questions and discuss likes and dislikes. As well as this we have books children have made themselves, and we encourage them to tell and share their own stories with story stones and puppets.

In our preschool numeracy area we develop numeracy skills in play situations, learn number rhymes, and play games which involve counting, sorting and grouping. As well as learning about numbers and counting, we offer play and learning experiences which promote a growing awareness of other mathematical concepts such as size, weight, measurement, pattern, 2D and 3D shapes, money and time.

The ratio of staff to children in this room is 1:8.