Here at Links Nursery in Duns we have onsite kitchen facilities and our own cook who prepares healthy, delicious and balanced meals for the children in accordance with best practice nutritional guidelines. Here is an example of our weekly menus (allergen information is shown in brackets and please see the key at the foot of the page):

New Menu Week 1


Morning snack                                         Bagel or toast  (M, CER)

Lunch                                                         Lentil soup with a choice of cheese or ham sandwich (M, CER)

Vegetarian option                                    Lentil soup with cheese sandwich (M, CER)

Pudding                                                      Yoghurt with fresh fruit (M)

Afternoon snack                                       Rice cakes and fruit (CER)



Morning snack                                         Bread sticks with hummus and veg sticks (CER/M)

Lunch                                                         Macaroni and cheese served with chips (M, G, CER)

Vegetarian option                                    As above

Pudding                                                     Banana and custard (M)

Afternoon snack                                       Cheese or ham toastie and fruit (M, CER)



Morning snack                                           Sausage and cheese cubes with fruit (CER, M)

Lunch                                                          Chilli with rice and naan bread (G, CER)

Vegetarian option                                     As above with Quorn mince used (G,CER)

Pudding                                                      Angel delight with fruit

Afternoon snack                                       Pancakes with jam and fruit (CER)



Morning snack                                        Toast with fruit (CER)

Lunch                                                        Picnic lunch – sandwiches and veg sticks (CER, M)

Vegetarian option                                   As above

Pudding                                                    Jelly with fruit

Afternoon snack                                      Scrambled eggs on toast (CER, M, E)



Morning snack                                         Yoghurt and fruit (M)

Lunch                                                         Fish pie and garlic bread (F, CER, M)

Vegetarian option                                   As above or alternative

Pudding                                                    Sponge and fruit

Afternoon snack                                     Pizza and apple (CER, M)


New Menu Week 2


Morning snack                                     Cereal and fruit (may contain nuts, M, CER, E – the cereal alternative will be offered if children with allergies are attending)

Lunch                                                      Sausage casserole and vegetables (M)

Vegetarian option                                 Quorn sausage casserole and vegetables (M)

Pudding                                                   Jelly with fruit

Afternoon snack                                    Yoghurts and fruit (CER, M)



Morning snack                                       Cracker bread with cheese spread and a selection of fruit (M, CER)

Lunch                                                       Mince and potatoes served with vegetables (M)

Vegetarian option                                  Quorn mince and potatoes with vegetables (M)

Pudding                                                    Yoghurt with fruit (M)

Afternoon snack                                     Bread sticks with hummus dip and selection of fruit (CER,M)



Morning snack                                        Cocktail sausages with cheese cubes, stick vegetables and cucumber sticks  (CER, M, S)

Lunch                                                        Fish fingers, chips and vegetables (CER, M)

Vegetarian option                                   Quorn fish fingers, chips and vegetables (CER, M)

Pudding                                                     Angel delight with fruit

Afternoon snack                                       Pizza and vegetable sticks (CER)



Morning snack                                       Toast and fruit (CER)

Lunch                                                       Tomato pasta bake with cheese (CER, M, G)

Vegetarian option                                  As above

Pudding                                                   Fruit salad

Afternoon snack                                     Garlic bread and fruit (CER)



Morning snack                                       Pancakes and jam with fruit (CER, M, E)

Lunch                                                       Picnic lunch with sandwiches, sausage rolls and vegetable sticks (CER, M, G, E)

Vegetarian option                                  As above with cheese rolls instead of sausage rolls (CER, M, G, E)

Pudding                                                   Custard and cake (CER, E, M)

Afternoon snack                                     Biscuit and fruit (CER, M)

Children will be served with a minimum of 2 tablespoons of fruit or salad with snacks

Allergen Information Key

P peanuts   F fish  G gluten   M milk   C celery  E Eggs  N Nuts   CER Wheat, barley and rye